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International Legislations

The International Labour Organization (ILO) published the Drug and Alcohol Prevention Programmes in the Maritime Industry (A Manual for Planners) originally in 1996 as part of the project “Development of measures to reduce drug and alcohol problems in the maritime industry” (AD/GLO/92/603), financed by the United Nations Drug Control Programme (UNDCP).

The original project resulted from the adoption of the resolution concerning drugs and alcohol in the maritime industry by the 26th session of the Joint Maritime Commission of the ILO in October 1991. This body recognised ship owner and seafarer concerns and the urgent need for concerted, international, co-ordinated industry action to address the potential dangers to health and safety of drug and alcohol use and to increase prevention measures through awareness and education.

Since initial publication however, there have been developments, which have prompted reconsideration of both the content and layout and now there is a revised manual which has incorporated the latest requirements and changes.

You may find this publication here.

Check also the latest news and regulations regarding occupational safety and health for all sectors and industries from ILO.

Additionally other major global organizations and recognized bodies such as World Health Organization, International Maritime Organization, the International Chamber of Shipping etc. have also detailed directives and regulations for Drug and Alcohol testing – abuse prevention, as well as for medical tests and personnel health and safety in general.

The United States of America is well recognized to be a leader in legislation concerning the implementation of drug/alcohol safe work place policies and relevant testing, to all industry sectors including of course shipping. All our services and solutions conform to US Department of Transportation (DOT) legislation which specifies compliance to specific standards. The guidelines on D/A testing are accepted and recommended by most major international organizations such as WHO, IMO, ILO, etc. Although US / DOT, requires a 5 drugs test panel, LABMARE tests cover 10 drug categories plus alcohol.

Check out useful links for Drug / Alcohol control Legislations and Guidelines here:

You may also see here the OIL COMPANIES INTERNATIONAL MARINE FORUM (OCIMF) Guidelines for the control of drugs and alcohol on board ships.