Benzene Exposure Biomonitoring


The Benzene Exposure Biomonitoring service can be used as an assessment tool for industries in which long term, low level exposure to benzene is a risk.

Regular testing of samples provides valuable feedback on workplace safety as well as enabling an individual’s exposure levels to be monitored over time to ensure.


The Benzene Exposure Biomonitoring service uses the highly sensitive and specific Liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) to test for levels of S-phenyl mercapturic acid, S-PMA, a benzene specific metabolite produced when benzene is absorbed in the body.

S-PMA indicates total benzene exposure from all sources, either through vapour inhalation, ingestion or absorption through the skin. S-PMA is recognised as the best biomarker of occupational benzene exposure.

  • Effective risk assessment tool
  • Simple non-invasive urine sample collection provides minimal disruption to workflow
  • Blood sampling not required
  • The most sensitive marker available

Testing Procedure

After paperwork and vial label information is filled in, each Donor provides a urine specimen and it is decanted into the Donor’s vial. Once all samples have been collected, the vials are placed in the transport container and sent back to our laboratory.

Provided Services

Vispole provides the laboratory urine testing services. A dedicated qualified technical team will work with you in order to organize and implement the collection of samples as part of a managed programme or individually or after an accident. We participate to the challenges you face and will help you through every stage of the testing process. We provide:

  • A sample collection process following full Chain of Custody protocol with uniform collection procedures and integrity of analysis
  • Easy to use self-collection kits for samples
  • International network of Collecting Officers
  • Rapid reporting of results Medical Review Officer
  • Certificate (Vessel, Company)