LabMare Ltd. provides services, solutions and expertise to help you build and manage a drug-free and safe workforce. Every program or test we run is of the highest quality, performed in an empathetic, professional manner that generates defensible results.

We help to protect your people, business, and profitability with empathy, confidentiality and unquestionable expertise. While there’s nothing simple about what we do, we make sure it seems that way to our clients and the people we test. Drug and alcohol testing mitigates the risk of injury and property damage, and helps companies establish a strong safety culture. We help make sure your people are alert on-site with a broad range of drug testing technologies and drug and alcohol testing services, and random drug testing with our collector’s network across the Globe.

Our drug testing and alcohol testing services include:

Urine drug and Alcohol testing

Oral fluid/saliva drug testing

Breath alcohol testing

Benzene testing

Why Drug & Alcohol Testing

With alarming statistics relating to drug and alcohol abuse, the need for drug and alcohol testing in the workplace is becoming more and more apparent in a number of occupations. Drug and alcohol abuse is not only detrimental to the individuals partaking, but it can also have a large impact on employers as there are a number of costs involved including loss of productivity, high absence rates, theft, loss of employee morale, increased health insurance claims, and many more. The main reasons behind introducing drug and alcohol testing in companies:

When employing new staff to prevent any drug and alcohol problems from arising in the future
To promote yourselves as a drug and alcohol free company by carrying out random, on-going tests
For cause
In response to a drug or alcohol related incident within or out with your workplace
Following up a staff member who has returned to work with a previous drug and/or alcohol problem

We help you to protect your business

LabMare can assist companies in creating and implementing a drug and alcohol monitoring system in the workplace. This can include the creation of a drug and alcohol policy for pre-employment screening, random and for cause testing. We can also offer advice on how to implement a drug and alcohol policy to your workforce. We are also able to tailor the tests to suit our client’s specific requirements. We can offer the entire drug and alcohol screening process at an all-inclusive, low cost, which includes:

  • Testing kits and service
  • Laboratory fees
  • Global network collectors – CoC Procedures
  • Certifications

LabMare provides worldwide drug and alcohol testing and screening to the following fields

  • To maritime industry worldwide.
  • To other sectors of industry and workplaces, like oil industry, aviation, port and security installations etc. either for pre-employment or to ensure the health and safety of their employees according to prevailing regulations.